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KZP Kurt Zierlein Photography capturing life's most important moments!

Every moment is a milestone...

and a reason to be recorded... I like to consider myself as more of a thief of pieces of time... A bits of life hunter. Every moment in life is a piece of either global, family or personal history... Wether it might be a child's smile, a beautiful girl or our beloved grandpa's... a rock star's high note or the delicate, perfect buzz of a bee working under the sun... that is for ever my quary... to make every possible moment unforgettable... and it's protagonists, in mortal...

I do pursue to create fresh, vibrant images that capture the essence of my subjects, from portraits and landscapes to still life's and abstracts, sports and arts.

Making pictures, for me, is more of a passion and love than just work... I do what I love. So you can expect my best in any project ahead... always!!


, Los Angeles, Ca.USA/ Guatemala City, Guatemala C.A., America | USA 3235234255

GT (502) 54691370)

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